This advanced brain-mapping system, designed and built by Europe’s leading biomedical optics research group, performs non-invasive imaging of brain function in real time.



The NTS fNIRS system uses light to image changes in blood volume and oxygenation. Our system has developed from 25 years' of research excellence at UCL's Biomedical Optics Research Laboratory (BORL).

Two wavelengths of infrared light are injected at different points on a subject’s head, and the diffused light is measured at separate detection points. The system can be easily configured to study adults, children or neonates, thanks to an illumination technique that allows completely flexible positioning of light sources and detectors. A number of headgear options are available to secure fibres comfortably to a subject’s head, and the entire system is controlled via an easy-to-operate graphical user interface. We can supply our system (full size or bespoke) competitive price and our customers benefit from ongoing access to our technical and scientific expertise.

Our article in the Review of Scientific Instruments describes the original NTS fNIRS System in more detail.

Click here for more information about Diffuse Optical Tomography, a key technology behind the NTS fNIRS system. For more information about and images of the system in use, see case studies.

The NTS is available for purchase or rental.




  • Laser diodes provide source light at 780 nm and 850 nm. Other wavelengths are also available

  • Any combination of sources and detectors are available

  • Common configurations include:

    • mini system: 6 sources, 4 detectors

    • half system: 8 sources, 8 detectors

    • full system: 16 sources, 16 detectors

  • Modular expandable design

  • Our versatile and easy-to-use software package allows for a wide range of NIRS and fNIRS experimental applications




  • Completely non-invasive

  • Ideal for infants, children and vulnerable subjects

  • No ionising radiation

  • Portable

  • Easy-to-use

  • Very low running costs

  • High spatial and temporal resolution

  • CE marked

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