Introducing LUMO

fNIRS neuroimaging ecosystem

Wearable, scalable and high-density functional near-infrared (fNIRS) brain imaging technology that combines unprecedented functional imaging capability with outstanding experimental flexibility.

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NTS fNIRS System

Backed by 25 years of world leading research


This advanced brain-mapping system, designed and built by Europe’s leading biomedical optics research group, performs non-invasive imaging of brain function in real time.



Bespoke optical phantoms


Gowerlabs has been developing and testing optical phantoms for many years. Our research has led us to produce a range of optical phantoms to meet the needs of fNIRS and biomedical optics research applications.



Read about the science behind our devices (fNIRS) and the pioneering imaging approach that produces 3D images of brain function (DOT)


Research Support

Gowerlabs offers a range of research support packages and training courses that can help both new and experienced fNIRS users


About us

Gowerlabs focuses on high quality engineering for the research and healthcare communities.

All of our technologies are designed and developed in close collaboration with University College London. Together, our team of engineers and physicists brings over 50 years of experience in research and development.

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