USB Event Generator

Our USB Event Generator enables synchronised data acquisition and event marking across multiple different systems in an experimental setup.



We have developed a general purpose, USB-powered device to control event marking during data acquisition.  Our USB Event Generator provides synchronised pulses to multiple devices (e.g., the NTS Optical Imaging System and an EEG system) to precisely align different data sets and, separately, to provide information about the occurrence of events during a study. This device is extremely useful in many experimental scenarios, and is highly configurable to meet the needs of the user. 


  • USB powered - no external power supply needed
  • Events can be
    • triggered with digital and analogue input lines
    • triggered with a switch on the Event Generator itself
    • programmed to be produced at specified time intervals, linearly increasing time intervals, or random time intervals.
  • Events are simultaneously or independently output as
    • analogue pulses
    • a chosen ASCII character sent through one or two USB virtual COM ports
  • Electrically isolated inputs and outputs
  • Easy-to-use GUI for choosing functions

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