Research Support and Training Courses

At Gowerlabs, we are committed to providing outstanding research support. Our company was founded by researchers from University College London’s Biomedical Optics Research Laboratory. As a result, we have over 20 years of experience in the application of fNIRS systems, and in fNIRS experimental design and data analysis.  

Gowerlabs offers a range of research support packages that can help both new and experienced fNIRS users develop the skills and expertise they require to ensure their fNIRS research programme is a success.

Training Courses: on site at your institution

We have partnered with the UCL-Birkbeck NIRS Training Course to provide Gowerlabs users with access to tailored, on-site training events run by leading fNIRS researchers. Usually lasting between 2 and 4 days and accommodating up to 8 attendees, our training courses are particularly appropriate for groups that want to kick-start a new fNIRS research programme.

While the content can be tailored to meet your needs, a typical 2-day fNIRS training programme will include:

  • The history, theory and principles of fNIRS

  • fNIRS Hardware and Technology

  • Neuroscience and clinical applications

  • fNIRS experimental design

  • Hands-on experimental demonstrations

  • A step-by-step guide to fNIRS data analysis


UCL-BBK NIRS Training Course

This 2.5 day course is organised and run by Drs. Sabrina Brigadoi, Chiara Bulgarelli, Rob Cooper and Sarah Lloyd-Fox, and is sponsored by Gowerlabs. The course will provide attendees with an introduction to all aspects of fNIRS research, from theoretical considerations through experimental challenges to data analysis. The course is suitable for all researchers with an interest in fNIRS applications in any population, but will be of particular benefit to those who are new to fNIRS, and those whose research involves infants and children.

The course is structured as a series of lectures with examples to illustrate the topics discussed, combined with practical, hands-on sessions to give attendees the opportunity to practice what has been discussed in the lectures. Spaces are limited in this course to maximise value for attendees.

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The Gowerlabs Experts Programme

We have established a unique, in-depth research support programme that gives Gowerlabs users direct access to the time and expertise of an experienced fNIRS researcher. The Gowerlabs Experts Programme pairs each customer with an fNIRS Expert with a minimum of 5 years’ research experience in the application of fNIRS technologies and an excellent publication track-record.      

Gowerlabs customers can purchase bundles of support time with their Expert, which they can use as and when they require it. This time can be used for remote assistance with fNIRS experimental design, paradigm development, data analysis, data interpretation and much more. The goal of the Gowerlabs Experts Programme is to provide our users with a level of support equivalent to having an experienced fNIRS post-doctoral researcher working part-time in your laboratory!

Meet the Experts

Dr. Anna Blasi

Dr. Anna Blasi

Dr. Rob Cooper

Dr. Rob Cooper

Dr. Laura Pirazzoli

Dr. Laura Pirazzoli

Dr. Anna Blasi

Anna has been part of the fNIRS research community since 2005 and is a world leader in infant fNIRS applications. Her research focuses on using fNIRS to study the connection between brain function and neurocognitive development in early infancy. Anna has collected fNIRS data using a variety of experimental protocols with infants and children of different ages, and has also developed methods and software for the analysis of data collected with the Gowerlabs NTS fNIRS system.


Dr. Rob Cooper

Rob began working with fNIRS and diffuse optical tomography (DOT) techniques during his PhD, which began in 2007. His research focuses on the advancement of fNIRS and DOT technologies. He has led fNIRS and DOT studies in a range of populations including in healthy adults, adults with neurological conditions, newborn and preterm infants. With Drs. Anna Blasi and Sarah Lloyd-Fox, Rob founded the UCL-BBK NIRS Training Course and has helped numerous groups across several continents establish effective fNIRS research programmes.


Dr. Laura Pirazzoli

Laura acquired her significant expertise in fNIRS experimentation and analysis during her PhD at the Center for Brain and Cognitive Development (Birkbeck College), under the supervision of Dr. Sarah Lloyd-Fox. Laura has undertaken numerous fNIRS studies with different age-groups from 5 to 14 months of age, and has investigated both typically developing infants and infants at risk of Autism Spectrum Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. She also has extensive experience of fNIRS data analysis, with a particular interest in motion-artifact correction in infant fNIRS data.

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