Ultra Scale-Down


The Ultra Scale-Down (USD) approach, invented at University College London, facilitates the establishment of the most cost-effective and scaleable biomanufacturing route using just millilitre quantities of material. This approach aims to create full-scale process conditions at the laboratory scale and is based on the analysis and understanding of the conditions in the full-scale equipment.

USD tools and methods allow research at an early discovery stage with small quantities of bioprocess material, providing rapid insight of the effect of the engineering environment on process materials and into the performance of full-scale processes. This enables researchers to develop and assess manufacturing routes early in development.

Benefits of USD technologies for end-users

  • Understand the impact of processing environment

  • Speed up process development

  • Develop robust manufacturing

  • Reduced cost of goods at full scale

  • Reduced cost of development in terms of labour and materials

  • Increased capacity for more development projects

  • Shorter development timeline

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