The Ultra Scale-Down Rotating Disc Shear Device

Gowerlabs are an authorised reseller of the USD Rotating Disc Shear Device, developed by the Advanced Centre for Biochemical Engineering at UCL's Department of Biochemical Engineering.

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Enables early stage manufacturability assessment

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Insights on manufacturability
Expose your process material to known shear stresses which are representative of those found in the manufacturing process

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Mimics larger-scale environment 
The device speeds are equivalent to energy dissipation rates of 103 to106 W kg-1 and shear rates in the order of 104 to 106 s-1 which correspond to the hydrodynamic conditions in most bioprocess equipment

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Small sample volume
Large-scale manufacturing insights using a sample volume of just 20 ml.

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Rank process materials
Identify which process materials have robust product forms, have increased impurities or have aggregate formation after exposure to shear stress.

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Link with other scale-down tools
Generate process materials for other scale-down tools, for example the ultra scale-down centrifugation, to investigate how exposure to shear stress impacts processing operations further downstream.

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Examine impact of shear stress without air-liquid interfaces
Designed to remove air bubbles to ensure that the energy dissipation is only due to hydrodynamic shear stress and not due to air-liquid interfaces^.

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USD studies of the effect of shear on crystals, flocs, genetically modified plants, human cells for therapy, mammalian cells, precipitates, proteins and enzymes

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