Gowerlabs is a rapidly growing optical neuroimaging technology company that has been successfully developing, manufacturing and selling functional near-infrared spectroscopy technologies in a range of markets and territories since our incorporation in 2013.

Our non-invasive near-infrared imaging device, the NTS Optical Imaging System, was created by an expert team of engineers and physicists at UCL’s Biomedical Optics Research Laboratory (BORL), part of the Department of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering. BORL is the largest research group of its kind in Europe, and Gowerlabs is proud to be an integral part of it. We have been carrying out research in the field of diffuse optical imaging for over 25 years, and our systems are in use throughout the world.

The NTS Optical Imaging System is a robust, non-invasive, and portable device that can be used in challenging environments: Among many research initiatives, our system is currently used to perform brain imaging on infants in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) through the Evelyn Perinatal Imaging Centre at Cambridge University Hospital. Additionally, our NTS Optical Imaging System is being used to investigate cognitive development in malnourished children in rural Gambia through the Global fNIRS project, run by Professor Clare Elwell.

NTS Optical Imaging System cap with integrated EEG on a newborn at the Evelyn Perinatal Imaging Centre.

NTS Optical Imaging System cap with integrated EEG on a newborn at the Evelyn Perinatal Imaging Centre.

Gowerlabs is led by engineer Dr Nick Everdell, and receives cutting-edge theoretical input from biomedical optics experts including Professors Jem Hebden, Clare Elwell, Adam Gibson and Dr Rob Cooper. We have also been collaborating for over ten years with Dr Sarah Lloyd-Fox and the Centre for Brain and Cognitive Development, which has been critical to the development of several key product features. Our dedicated team ensures that our products are made to the highest standard and that the best possible service is provided to our customers.

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